Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seven *Sweet* Months

Can I please just turn back time…just a smidge?! Working full time makes me feel like I’m missing so much with Kapri…and makes me realize how the few hours I have with her each night are SO precious & invaluable. Being pregnant seems as if it was eons away, and it’s just crazy to think about this chunky little 21 lb, 7-month old beauty, who used to eat, sleep & grow inside me. 

It’s such a remarkable journey to reflect on.

I’ve been getting a little emotional about it lately, I think mostly in part due to the fact that I’ve moved rather quickly to formula pretty much full time now. A few weeks ago my ‘supply’ took an incredible dip, and BAM…just like that…we now have to quietly bond with a smelly formula bottle between us. Just typing that makes my eyes well up with tears…but the tears are about 20% sadness to stop nursing about 80% joy to see our little daughter growing up.

So much has changed in the last month. We’ve introduced many new ‘solids’ like butternut squash, sweet potato, green beans (which she did NOT like), apples, bananas & pears. I was fearful that she may not like bananas (as much as I do)…seeing as I ate them EVERY single day while pregnant. But luckily she lovvves them mixed up in the Banana Oatmeal. Pears are beginning to be a hit as well, as we mix them with Apple-Rice cereal. I definitely think she prefers fruits over the veggies (duh)…and she is also really beginning to love those little Gerber Graduates Puffs. So far she’s had the sweet potato ones (as have I…pretty good!), and they dissolve in their mouths within a few seconds! She’s finally beginning to have a lot more dexterity with her little hands, so she can actually grab a ‘puff’ between her thumb and first finger…which is a lot harder than you think for little babies!

We can now push her in the infant swing at the park, she’s in the actual stroller now (rather than in the carseat inside the stroller), is in the 'toddler' side of her baby bath tub (which will be outgrown VERY soon) and is well into 12-month clothing. She’s also able to pass her blankets & toys from one hand to the other, is sitting totally unsupported while watching cartoons (especially Dora!), is getting on her hands & knees then pulls herself back up to sitting and ‘talks’ to us more than ever! She actually seems to hate lying on her back these days…since she has so much more fun & outlook of the world while sitting up. The wide open world of ‘crawling’ and being mobile is in very near sight…which also tells us that the time to baby proof is NOW! I’ll just put that on my “honey-do list” ;-)


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