Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Update with Kapri's H.D.

Today we had Kapri’s follow up appointment with Dr. Pring down at Children’s Hospital. They took a few more x-rays of her hips to check how much progress the Pavlik Harness has helped. We’ve been having her in it anywhere from 18-22 hrs a day, so James & I were very optimistic that we’d hear good news & see positive results.

The severity of ‘dysplasia’ is measured by a numbered ‘degree’. Anything ABOVE 25 is not good
, hence the need for the harness. 2 months ago, her numbers were 32 & 36. Today, her numbers have thankfully Decreased down to 27 (down by 5) & 32 (down by 4)!!! So the doc told us that we could use the harness a little less if we wanted, like only 18hrs a day, but then reiterated that the more often we have her in it, the sooner she’ll be out of it altogether. Needless to say we’d rather just keep her in it as OFTEN as possible. If we’re just sitting around the house, it should be on…period. If we’re out & about or Kapri is being watched by someone at another house, we can take it off here & there.

Our main goal & hope is for her to be “harness-free” by April/May 2010…before her 1st birthday. What a gift that would be…I’d literally burn that thing I hate it so much, haha. But I know it’s doing her good (and it helps actually SEEING the improvement)…so only time will tell…fingers crossed folks!! For now, i think she's not doin too bad in it!


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