Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ohhhh how times have changed

A few weekends ago, we finally had a fun get-together for a BBQ at Kristy and Shaun’s huge's the only one that accommodates all of us now! It was so nice seeing everyone, catching up & eating yummy food.

At one moment, I stopped, looked around and quickly realized how different our get-togethers are these days…in a great way of course! There are kids & babies evvvverywhere and the convo mainly consist of how this kid is eating, new things that kid is doing, and just general joys & worries of parenthood (sorry Sarah, haha!). It’s amazing how things can change in just a year or two for a whole group of people. I WISH I would've gotten one of the boys to take a pic of all of us girls hangin out with all the kiddos. The boys of course were all out playing cards & smoking cigars! Even a group pic of all the kids would've been good...but it was a little chaotic. Next time!

We all just thought back to how things used to be when children (or at least this many!) weren’t in the picture. We would drink & smoke looooong into the night. Many of us had entirely quit smoking before we became pregnant and have continued to be smoke-free ever since...go us! But we would sit out on the back patio of Kristy & Shaun’s old house (where they had 2 kids at the time), on the porch swing, plastic chairs and sometimes even on kids toys (mainly Nate, haha). We’d chat about things other than spit up, stanky diapers and lack of sleep…we’d laugh, debate, reminisce, or just bitch about life.

Case in point...doesn't include all of us ladies though...haha, it's missing a few that have kids now too

Things are much different now. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Life is good.

 Kaitlyn & Quinn
 Kapri & Kaitlyn

Pierce & Kaitlyn

 Kapri - practicing baby sitting, haha!

 Luke & Kaitlyn


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