Thursday, April 1, 2010

I finally found the time…

…to make some more baby leg warmers for Kapri!! I bought these socks forever ago, and they’ve just been sitting patiently on my dining table. After I put K down for a nap the other day, I went straight downstairs, plugged in that dusty sewing machine and went to work. I finished all 3 before she woke up, YAY…go me! These are now rolled up in her 1st Easter basket that she’ll get to explore tomorrow morning.

If I had a newer, better, more reliable sewing machine…I’d probably be more proactive in diving into my creative side. Maybe that’s why I’m seriously LAGGING in making the cart cover that I have all the ingredients to make…and is also sitting on the dining table…collecting dust. Ugh.

OH, and these I made back in February...but now of course Kapri wants absolutely NOTHING to do with a huge flower on her she feels it on her & immediately reaches up to pull it off. Oh well....maybe they'll be presents for other lil baby girls!

However the big pink one now belongs to Miss Laylie, our neighbor's daughter...she looks adorable in it!!


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