Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lil Photo Sesh

So Kapri’s FIRST birthday is just around the corner…and I decided to send out a ‘save the date’ via email. But of course Kapri had to have a cute pic to go ON the save the date, haha…and so our little mommy/daughter photo sesh began.

I put her in this adorable pink & black polka dot dress & leggings…when BOOM…she’s tired, grumpy & crying as I set her down for a pic. Nada. In bed she goes…hence my below post where I found the time to be semi-productive.
 Anyway, after she woke up…happy child. Happy mommy. Sweet. It’s quite the chore getting her attention to get a good pic these days. She’s on the move, big time…and is interested in exploring the world. My camera, eh, not so much. Had James been home, or had someone else been there with me…it would’ve been a big help to get her to look UP and maybe crack a smile or two….

But these will have to do…and damnit she is cute. Sometimes I just wonder how we got so lucky.

This one is my fav, thus of course was used for the evite!! Love you muffin!! xoxo


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