Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We gotta walker!

And so...a whoooole new chapter begins - maybe I'll lose a few pounds chasing around this kid on the go?? Hum. It's doubtful, but a girl can wish can't she??

Anyway, it's been a very fun past week - she is so excited to be walking, although she'll still crawl here & there because she knows that she's fast as lightning that way! I'm so proud of our lil muffin, can't really call her 'chunk chunk' anymore because she's starting to thin out a bit from all this movin & crusin. Just sitting back quietly on the couch, watching her while she discovers herself...she plays & laughs, points & coos, kisses & hugs...I seriously could not be any happier than I am when I watch my little girl grow and become so smart.

1 comment:

  1. OUR BALL MADE THE POST, AHHHHH i showed gregg and he loved it!!!!


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