Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BLOGGER...kiss it, seriously.

I have so many posts saved as drafts, but something is funky and I cannot get any pics & text lined up how I want them. I seriously wanna cry. This is like, the place I go to express my feelings & thoughts, my LIFE...it's my journal - and I just can't figure it out right now. I try to click on a pic & make it bigger, to the left & with a caption...does it work, no. It doesn't even recognize that I'm clicking on the stupid pic. I try to move one under the other, does it move down...no, it moves to the very top. It'd also be pretty awesome if you could drag a pic where you want it...like, have the text scroll up, while you're draggggin the pic down...does that make sense?? Isn't that a pretty BASIC feature??? Currently have to drag it down like, one paragraph at a time. I guess I should add all my pics first, then type in text in-between?? Or how about "CTRL+A" to select ALL text & ALL pics, then realign ALL of them to the left, center or right side??!! Is that seriously too much to ask?? Grr.

And WTH is the post window like, 1/2 the size of a full browser window???  I know that it's the size of the actual width of the blog (where the text goes), bt that would seriously make my life 10x easier. Or at least the toolbar at the top, should really move with your text, along the SIDE of the text window. Everytime I highlight a paragraph of text, then click on the 'realign' tool, the 'highlight' on my text disappears, so I can't make it align correctly. I would scream curse words at the screen right now...except I'd much rather Kapri stay asleep, and James would probably tell me to STHU!! hahaha...he's probably already sick of me bitching about this stupid thing anyway.

Oh, and 'post options' should be at the top, under the TITLE...dumb. And why is there like, only a handful of fugly freakin fonts...so lame. And why can't we upload a chunk of pics at the same time?? Clicking Browse, finding the pic, then upload, & repeat is rather annoying & time consuming. And WHY do I have to enter my email/password every single time I go to Blogger...I check that dumb little "remember me" box each time as well - why don't you remember me?!!!

Google - EMAIL ME...I've got some things to get off my chest damnit....I WISH I would've had Windows 7 a few weeks ago so we could've paid me to participate in your stupid survey/test thingy. I still don't have it...will at work soon if they'd just install it like I asked them to over a month ago...sheesh.

Maybe it's this damn laptop - but maybe not. I will try again tomorrow morning once I hook this thing up to my dock at work & have my bigger monitors. Or "Google Chrome" - is that really better?? Let's try...


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