Friday, July 23, 2010

My Mask...

...of 'pregnancy' that is. NO, I'm not pregnant again...but I do have (14 months later) the "mask of pregnancy", also known as "Melasma" - it's not cute. It's a large area of darken pigmentation in the middle of my forehead. I can't remember if I had it during pregnancy...I think I did...but I know I definitely had it after. And recently I feel like it's gotten worse, or darker I guess...because people (thanks hubby & sis) have pointed it out! Ugh.

So I asked my doc the other day about getting a cream to get rid of this crap. I asked her about it a few months after I gave birth, but since I was still breastfeeding, she said I couldn't use the cream. But now I can...however I have to apply it like 734289 times a day AND stay out of the sun/wear a hat/leave my bangs the middle of summer. Um, no.

She called in the prescription for me, but I doubt it's even covered by my insurance since it's considered 'cosmetic' and not a medical necessity, pshhh. I'm seriously not going to stay out of the sun (or keep my whole forehead covered forever). So, we'll see...maybe after summer.

Until then...anyone know of a full coverage, yet lightweight foundation/cover up that I can buy to "mask" my "mask"?? I've been reading about Dermablend...hum...


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