Thursday, July 22, 2010

MC - Review

So, it's been 4 days since I ended the Master Cleanse and I feel great. Though my belly is still adjusting to actual FOOD intake, but I am loving being able to use my teeth & munch on food again. I realized that I really freaking missed & like snacks that are crunchy...a little too much actually. Last night I could not stop eating I had a 'food baby belly' for awhile and it didn't feel too great. I woke up this morning thinking I may drink the tea tonight because it was so bad...but luckily there was no need later on, haha. And I'm so stoked to be done with the SWF...I dreaded that every morning. ick.

My cravings for 'junk' it appears have not entirely disappeared as theory may have it while doing the MC. Maybe I should've done it for longer this time. Okay I lied...but maybe next time I do the cleanse I'll shoot for a few days longer. At first I really couldn't wait to have some veggies, but now...I feel myself being drawn back to all my usual snacky foods. I guess it really doesn't happen 'over night' either, it's a whole lifestyle change. Does anyone know of a way to ALTER your taste buds into actually LOVING veggies?? I'd pay money for that, seriously. It's not my fault I don't like them...I have to drink V8 just to get some veg in me, sheesh. And poor Kapri is on the fast track to being like her mama too...greaaaat.

Anyway, I lost about 8 lbs in that 10 days. Pretty good...and so far I've only gained 2 back. My clothes fit better...and OMG...I finally fit into my 'skinny' True Religions!! Though 5 more pounds off would make them a perfect fit. I haven't worn those since BEfore I got pregnant in Aug. 2008...can u believe that?! And I'm still going strong on Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred...finished day 16 tonight. I hate level 2. But I know it's good for me. And now I'm enjoying my first, much deserved, glass (okay, 2 glasses) of wine...paired with a piece of pita bread that I seasoned & toasted...and dipped into garlic hummus. SO GOOD. I need to find a good homemade hummus recipe.

OH, and now my youngest sister is going to start the MC in a few days because she saw how great I felt/looked after. So KayLee...good luck to ya! I think the biggest shocker for her was seeing my lack of 'chest' area on Saturday, hahaha...wahhhh!!  ;'-(   I know they're small now, especially after breastfeeding...but come on really?!! This sucks. I like cleavage...who doesn't?!! Right now, my attempts at it are failing miserably. I think I got to used to my size while was pretty much awesome. Never gave any thought to how drastic the change would be after...otherwise I might still be nursing. hahahahhaa....yeah right, not with Kapri's chompers, OUCHIE!! But after I pay off my CC's & we buy a house, next up is good ol Doctor Chasan! hehe

I'm anxious for the weekend. I can't wait to wear my newly altered dress on Saturday to Michele & Colin's wedding...I feel great in it! Yippee, fun with friends...minus babies this time. We need the balance of both ya know?


  1. 8 lbs you are my hero! i wish you had before after pictures and i remember those TR jeans! THAT'S MY GIRL!

  2. I can't wait to see the pics from the wedding! Way to go!


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