Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Auntie's Day!!

Did you know that even existed?? haha, I didn't...until I took a pic of Kapri in her 'I <3 my auntie' onesie last week, then decided to Google 'aunt's day' my amazement, it DOES exist...on July 26th! YESSS, what timing!!! So I decided to do a lilttle photo opp of Kapri in that onesie right then & there. I wanted to then put a pic in a frame with a cute 'auntie' poem to give to all Kapri's aunts: Chels (auntie SeeSee), KayLee (auntie LeeLee), Amanda (auntie Manda) and Jen (auntie Jennie). This blog post is dedicated to them, for all they do, each & every day...we love you!!

I spent forever trying to find JUST the right frames...for the right cost of course. Fail. Then I had the genious idea of actually making the frames, so they'd be totally unique - just as they all are. Kapri is soooo lucky to have these fabulous four-some as her Auntie crew, I hope one day she realizes that  ;-)

So last Thursday, Kapri & I went "Michael's-bound"...and found alllll the perfect ingredients to create the most perfect frames. Below is the result...inexpensive, adorable, personalized, custom...the greatest lil 'from the heart' gift, for some really important ladies. I was also inspired in part by this cute pic of K&K:

On Monday July 26th we celebrated "Aunt's Day" for the first time! I picked up KayLee to 'run some errands with she got her frame first. Then we headed to Jen's work, but she unfortunately didn't have time for a pic (busy girl!). Then we headed to good my work (with Kapri in tow of course) to see Chels & Amanda to surprise them with their special Auntie's Day frames. They LOVED them!! Mission accomplished :-)

It takes many special qualities

To make an aunt like you,
A lot of care and kindness
And understanding, too...

It takes a special kind of love
That seems to know no end
And the thoughtfulness and patience
Of a true and trusted friend...

It takes many special qualities
To make an aunt like you,
And that's why you
Are loved so much
Today and all year through.

Happy Aunt’s Day 2010

Love You SO much,
Kapri Jolie Mejia


  1. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen and heard of. i love your creativeness bammie. and kapri is serious adorable. look at that outfit and her hair. she is GORGEOUS!

  2. this it really great stuff Calista! "SeeSee" and "LeeLee?" I didn't know that! too funny....poor LeeLee, she's looks kinda ragged in the last pic...late-night babysitting perhaps? LOL!


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