Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OMG Mom Shout Out!

So, I'm laying in bed as I type's almost midnight & I can't sleep so onto Google Reader I went for some nightly bedtime blog stories...and I just got kiiiinda excited because I got a pretty awesome "shout out" from the writer of THE most hilarious blog - my fav, "OMG! I'm a Mom!" Booyaaaa

This chick literally gets like, 248651 comments per daily post, and I had commented on this post a few days ago...about how I make Kapri smoothies and she loves them! She'll hear the blender and RUN (no joke) into the kitchen, smiling and pointing at the blender...I should get a vid of it...never fails! You would've never guessed that she used to be TERRIFIED of the blender...literally instant tears & fear consumed her pretty little was so sad to see. Anywho, I had to blog about this fun lil shout out, becase Mandy is the best bloggin mommy ever. She tells it like it is, no sugar coating (god, thank u) and has an adorable daughter named Mia...which of course James and I lovedddd that name, but would sound kinda funny with our last name "Mia Mejia",

So Mandy & Mia...enjoy this awesome, summery treat! I'm sure it really comes in handy during your melting hot Vegas summertime (ps, gonna be their Aug. 6th-8th... CanNOT wait!!)... I'm sure the smoothie combinations u can try are endless. :-)


  1. Fun blog! Found you via OMGmom.. she really does have a million viewers -- I'm so jealous she gave you a shout out. I bet you $100000 that you will have well over 2000 hits today!! Love your blog and your fun stories! I'm totally interested in doing the cleanse, but hella scared to try it out :) I'm your newest follower :) Hope you can check me out when you have some time!

  2. found u from omgmom and totally wanna try the cleanse... can you give more deeds on the ugly of it?


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