Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 1st Audrey!

Yesterday we celebrated an adorable little girl's 1st bday. It brought me back to just 4 months ago when we celebrated Kapri' fun! We're having a crazy 'fall' heat wave, so it was a tad warm. The party was set up under a gazebo/shaded area, but of course Kapri wanted nothing to do with 'shade' or 'sitting'...instead she thought it was more important to walk/run ALL over the place. When all I wanted to do was sit down & eat some yummy food. Nope.

Toddlerhood is interesting. The way I look at it, I really should be losing more weight...since I usually eat only scraps of food and hardley ever just sit around on my butt. What gives?!!

Anyway, it was a good day hangin with friends, playing with all the cute kids and watchin A eat her big beautiful cupcake!


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