Saturday, September 25, 2010

Work hard, play hard......

FALL hard....

Sad day. Yesterday I took Kapri to the park up the street. There's a 'big kid' kind of area and a 'smaller' kid area there. So K typically chills out over in the smaller kid area with the smaller kiddie equipment. BUT, on this particular day...there was a massive mommy group meeting thing happening in the corner of the all their older kids overtook the park. Fantastic.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching K interact with other kids & playing together...but these kids were a few years older, to where they looked at her like a little baby... which, in comparison, kinda makes sense since they can all speak long, full sentences and she can't, hahaha! Anyway, they kinda overtook the smaller kid area/equipment, so K & I cruised over to the big kid area with the ginormous double slide.

ANYWAY...after 5 or so minutes of walking behind her as she desparately pulled herself up the little bar-stairs, then holding her in front of me as we went down the 'big kid' slides...I was maybe a foot behind her again, when I looked up to laugh at a little boy whining about a girl shoving him...and in that split second, Kapri falls. Hard. But at first I didn't think it was that bad, neither did she I think. 5 seconds later....SCREAMS. Tears.....Blood. Fan-freakin-tastic.

I quickly pick her up, console her, try to wipe the blood in her go. So I rush her over to the bathroom, take off her shirt (canNOT have blood stains!), and try to rinse out her mouth. More screams. Ugh. Finally like, 57821346510 minutes later, she calms down enough to leave the bathroom. I get her home...huge swollen lips and and a nice shiner on her cheek. AND we have a bday party to attend for lil miss Audrey tomorrow...Poor thing looks like she got in a scrapy chick fight!

look how HUGE her lip is!!
shortly after, having a banana popsicle in attempts to bring down the swelling

Now she's doing A-okay!

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  1. ahhh this last picture is precious and mmm banana popsicles!? where are these little gems from!?!?!


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