Monday, September 27, 2010

More crafting

I told you...I'm on some mindless's past obessive. Many wonder how in the hell I have the time for this stuff....well, I function on 4-5 hours a sleep everynight...yes, weekends too, usually. I also get a lot done during Kapri's 1.5 to 2 hour mid-day nap. That a nice window of time that I like to call "Naptime Crafttime".

I made this today just in time to greet Kapri with it after her nap...Ribbon Necklace, got each color in a pack in the Target $1 bins and it seriously took like, 10 minutes.

ps...the lighter is for the end of each ribbon, to make sure it doesn't fray!
Excuse the was a friggin sauna in my house today. I live near the beach & it was 95, ew.
I also proudly finished my crochet scarf that I started about 2 weeks's about 6 feet long...I seriously cannot believe I turned that ball of yarn into something useful! Sorry, don't have a pic, I need to wash it so it's softer. Speaking of, does yarn shrink?? I need to Google that...

I'll be adding another item to my site shortly as well...they are universal pacifier holders - they clip on (similar to a suspender strap clip) to their clothes, then the other end is a loop string, which was the best fit for Kapri's MAM pacis (the only ones she'd take). These will be totally custom as well ;-)

Lastly...I've been desparately attempting to create these seriously adorable baby booties from an awesome baby sewing project book I got. Though after becoming increasingly frustrated with the book's directions...these booties are now on hold - mocking me everyday from the dining table. ugh.


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