Monday, November 29, 2010

The house feels 'merry'

Tonight James & I decided to break out the Christmas decor around the house. I actually bought a fake, pre-lit tree at Target on Black Friday, for 50% off - and we are super stoked on this choice.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely miss the fresh tree smell...but that's about it. I don't miss searching for a tree (which are far too over-priced), loading it up on the car, unloading it...dragging it in the house & relentlessly trying to get it in that damn tree stand so that it stays up perfectly straight.

Then of course there's the vacuuming...watering...repeat, repeat, repeat.

No thanks.
Seeee, it doesn't look fake, does it?? And yes, Mika got in the action as well!

Earlier today, I slaved over creating 3 stockings for us...from scratch. Literally all I bought was some coordinating fabric, some light-weight interfacing, and hoped for the best.

I found an old stocking & decided to just trace that shape directly on the fabrics. I messed up a few times, mainly because I was rushing so I could have them done in time to hang up with the rest of the decor...but thanks to my handy-dandy seam ripper, & a little trial 'n error, they turned out great!

Next up is a new tree skirt...hopefully.

James & Mine
and Kapri's...had to make hers a little fatter to accommodate more goodies ;-)
She was FASCINATED the next morning to find this tree with all the lights & decor!

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  1. these turned out SOOOOO good. gosh dangit i wish we could have sewn these together! i still have to make hurry and make mine!!!


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