Thursday, December 2, 2010

THISMUCH closer to 30...

My bday kinda crept up on me this year. On Tuesday (Nov 30), I turned's weird to type that, because it means I'm only 2 short years away from THRITY! Which isn't necessarily a bad thing...I just have this vision in my head that by 30, I should have more accomplished. Don't get me wrong, I have a steady job (that pays the bills, but is not something that makes me truly happy), we live in a beautiful city, I have a great car that I've wanted forever...and I have something that a lot of people my age do not - a loving husband with whom we've made one smart little daughter. THAT right there is a huge accomplishment that I'm undoubtedly grateful for. I guess I just have a vision of being "30" with an actual 'career' rather than a 'job' and owning a home....well, I guess I still have 2 years left, so I better get on that! haha

Anywho...I played hookie from work and went to the 'world famous' San Diego Zoo - as true San Diegans... we definitely take that for granted. This place is so beautiful. We had a nice, relaxing, crowd-free day checking out all the different animals. At one of the monkey exhibits, there was one larger guy that was sitting up against the glass. Kapri ran over to him, said hi, then gave a kiss kinda on the glass - it was adorable! She mainly enjoyed just running around...which I wouldn't have been comfortable with if it was more crowded.

All in all - it was such a fun day...I loved it, but I think Kapri loved it more...when both James & I are with her, she likes to say "mamadada mamadada mamadada" over & melts my heart. One day I will get a video of her saying it, you'll die over it's cuteness.

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  1. i am LOVING the one of the three of you sticking your heads out of that little sculpture! it's soooo cute!!!


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