Friday, December 3, 2010

18-Months & growing

K just had her 18-month checkup and doc said she's doing GREAT! I actually like filing out the paperwork in the waiting room these days, is that weird? It's like a checklist of 'milestone' type things your kid can or cannot do, or specific behaviors they demonstrate in a given situation. I know it's MY kid, so yeah, I'm biased...but she's so smart, it just blows me away sometimes. It makes me proud & I couldn't ask for more, that's for sure. There's not a day that goes by that I don't wonder, "how'd we get so lucky?!"

Her vocabulary is blossoming, and her ability to 'mimic' almost everything we say these days is kinda making me nervous. I really have to start watching what I say, and how I say things - especially things I'd prefer her not to copy. She's so full of life & curiosity & makes us laugh all the time. She's so good about holding my hand if I allow her to walk through a store if I don't immediately put her in the cart...or if we cross the street, I'll set her down & she'll reach up to me & say "mamma"...."hann" (hand). She knows that Mika isn't allowed on the couch, so if she puts her two front paws up on it, Kapri will say "dow" (down)...just like we do, haha!

She's also not throwing quite as many tantrums compared to a few months ago - I think that's mainly because she can somehow or in someway tell us what it is she needs or is upset about. She uses a mixture of words, signing, or simply showing us. And lately she's been doing really great with people's names, including her own.

She's now 2' 9" tall (82.95%) and 28 lbs (89.58%)...she got her flu shot, and for the first time ever, didn't cry. Seriously, she is my little rock star!


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