Monday, December 6, 2010

Wine Tasting - Temecula

Last Saturday I extended my birthday celebration by inviting my friends & fam to go wine tasting up in Temecula on a big party bus! I'm no beginner to these...I have a few under my belt now - so I knew that no matter what, we at least had to stop at Maurice Car'rie. They have THE most AMAZING brie bread EVER. I swear. It's warm & buttery & crunchy & melty & sinful & decadent -- all at the same time. Your taste buds have never experienced LIFE until you shove your face with this brie bread. Observe: tasting, it's always so much fun! It's tame in the beginning on the drive up, and it's crazy (& amusing) on the drive home.

James bought me this awesome magnet from Maurice Car'rie too...I knew I had to put it up on my overhead shelf thingy at work...hilarious.

Most of the pictures I have to remember this day come from Ms. Niki's camera, as mine has suffered the unfortunate after-effects of wine tasting shenanigans. It has gone missing...never to be seen again. Memories lost. Now mamma needs a new camera!! At least my iPhone camera works pretty well for now.

OH...also, our bus kinda broke down about 30 min into the drive! So we had to pull over for almost an hour, at an AMPM in the middle of NO was actually pretty funny...and everyone still had fun! The boys also had a chance to stock up on more beverages...I think they were over the champagne & strawberries!
Our last stop was at South Coast Winery...I've been there before for my friend Alex's bachelorette party weekend...SUCH an amazing winery. I'd love to spend a romantic weekend up there with James one day - they have these quaint little villas with patios that overlook acres of vineyards - so peaceful. There's also a relaxing pool area, a spa, yoga classes, wine tours, food/wine pairings, a's so beautiful there! The ride home was a little bit of a blur...but I know we all had a blast dancing & being together. A perfect end to a wine-filled day!


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