Friday, November 5, 2010


This post title pretty much sums up my kid's LOVE for coloring. She could do it all friggin day. I think she now associates eating with coloring - not literally 'coloring' with her food, haha...but more so after eating - she calls out "cah cah" (color, of course). I almost always have her color in her high chair, so I can get dinner done or do the dishes with her quietly sitting there next to me. Plus, she can see the little tin I keep her crayons in (yes, I have yet to create her a Crayoll! Though I picked out the fabric back in, ohhh...SEPTEMBER!! Sheesh. I need to get that done.

Anyway...she colors there, and also in my lap while I sit in the computer chair - doing any last minute things, just before she goes down for bed. She sees the pens & printer paper...and inevitably you'll here "cah cah" as she points up to the desk. It's pretty adorable.

Her last & probably most FAV place to 'cah' is outside in our patio area...she cannot get enough of sidewalk chalk! Hum, maybe this is a window into the we have a little artist on our hands?? And based on these pics, I think I had a little fun too!


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