Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rain Boredom

Kapri & I were getting a weee bit stir crazy being cooped up inside during the week-long rains we had this past week. I worked from home the last 3 days and I have tomorrow & Friday off, yay! But today I just hadddd to get out of the house. It cleared up for a bit this afternoon so I decided to venture over to Barnes & Noble and let Kapri run around...apparently all the other parents in this city had the same idea!

Anyway, Kapri *hearts* books...and I *heart* the ginormous kiddie area they have in the back of the store. It's seriously awesome. There's a TON of kids books,
a stage area where they have story time occasionally and K's new fav...a toy train area - observe, the whole time she just whispered "choooo choo, chooooo choo", it was too damn cute:
Yes...I was the only parent snapping pics (and a vid) of their kid...I'm that mom. At least these were with my phone so it wasn't suuuper noticeable!


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