Sunday, April 17, 2011

James' 30th bday FiEsTa!!!

Today we had a GREAT bday BBQ with our close friends to celebrate my hubba-hubby JimmyJames, as he enters into his 30's. I found hilarious 'fiesta' decor, complete with maracas, stick-on mustaches, poncho-style beer bottle cozys (those were a party favorite!), window decals, and sombreros to wear! James definitely got into character, Kapri was actually scared for a bit because she didn't realize it was him..awww!

The food was soooo delish... we had bbq carne/pollo asada, mexican rice, beans, tortillas, Niki's super moist mexican cornbread, caesar salad, nacho cheese, beer, margs (skinny margs of course!), chips, Steve's incredible homemade salsa (beware of the HOT batch!), guacamole... the works!!!! 
One regret is not taking the time to MAKE myself take more pictures...boooo on me. I got a few...but not nearly what I had hoped, especially considering the amount of people we had shoved into different areas of the house/patio/garage!!

Oh well, it was so much fun and so great to see friends who we don't often see...even if I was in the kitchen 70% of the day, it was well worth it to celebrate such a wonderful husband/dadda!


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