Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little pre-Easter fun!

Yesterday Kapri & I stepped a few feet outside our front door to a cute little Easter party hosted by our adorable 18-month old neighbor Laylie.

The party was complete with yummy snacks, little toddler-sized tables adorned with a craft station, an egg dying station and Kapri's fav... a sugar cookie decorating station. I mean, seriously how fun is that for a toddler?!!
K's little apron is from her friend Arden's 2nd birthday over a year ago...it finally fits her a little better! haha

After all the kiddos rotated stations at their leisure and had a some fun playtime together in Laylie's awesome playhouse... some Easter eggs were scattered around the green belts for the little munchkins to find. They had a BLAST!

She found wayyyyy too many eggs, so she shared with others, aww!

Thank you Laylie & Mindy for such a great party!!! Sooo glad we're neighbors & our little princesses have so much fun together! xoxo

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  1. i love how she is NOT into picking flowers WHAT so ever....love that lil chickadee!


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