Sunday, July 31, 2011

BroSis Bowling Day

Fun fun funnnnn times with my 'stistas' & 'brudder' / hopefully future brother-in-law-to-be  **wink wink** - we planned an awesome bowling day at the North County Tavern & Bowl. This place was seriously fantastic! They have another location in downtown SD, but that one was not nearly as cool as this one. I liked the vibe a lot more:
We scored on a great LivingSocial deal a few weeks ago that allowed us to bowl for an hour, shoe rental for up to 6 people, a large pizza and 2 pitchers of soda for only $30! Of course we added on an extra hour, and didn't even touch the soda...too bad we couldn't substitute it for the pitchers of beer we ended up getting.
The 1st game was actually pretty good, we all scored around the same...but by the 2nd game the girls just sucked! Which was okay, because that gave us an excuse to just play silly bowling with the opposite hand, using a lighter or heavier ball, twirling around down the lane just before letting the ball go, and my fav...bowling backwards in-between your legs - I think I actually scored better that way!!!  


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