Friday, August 19, 2011

And they're OFF!

This afternoon my department at work had a team day at the Del Mar Races - this was my first time going this year! Although it was a 'team' day...I said my hello's, indulged in a "Del MARgarita", then headed off to meet my 2 favs for some sista time! Babes, Beers & got it!
excuse the crappy indoor phone pic :-/

However, I'm not a gambler. I would MUCH rather spend the money on a new piece of clothing or shoes, than to HOPE to gain from betting. When I do go to the races, I'll only bet a couple dollars here & there, just to make the race more's fun to cheer on the horses! So, in all, I lost $4, gained $4...and spent $25 on my round of 3 beers. Yes, I said TWENTY FIVE. oye vay
Chels pickin up this round!

Ahh well, it was a few fun hours, well spent hangin with my ladies! <3 you both & soooo happy to have you in my life! xoxo


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