Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy 4 Years to us

FOUR wonderful years have now passed since the hubs & I exchanged vows on a picture perfect day, overlooking the Pacific Ocean on a cliff in La Jolla.

And I love this man even more now...having Kapri has really solidified our relationship...teaching her together, showing her what love means...being affectionate often - it all adds up to the right ingredients.

We celebrated this year by taking the day off from work and having a nice family day. We had free tix to the SD Zoo - so that was an easy decision. Last time we went was for my bday in November...we still got lost, again, in the same confusing monkey/bird area...damn that crazy maze!!! And those maps are just crap - honestly. Once we found our way again...we were happy. K had a blast, while we enjoyed just being together...looking at some big/small/cute/scary/stinky/funny animals...kinda like us! hahaha j/k babe!! PS...did you know that no plastic LIDS or STRAWS are allowed on Zoo property...for the animals' safety?? Yeah, me neither.

Happy daughter = Happy mamma & father! Luckily the little cold she started to get only 2 days ago was just that - little & those kinds of colds!!

Oh, and James got a lovely caricature portrait of our lil's just hilarious. We framed it...I heart it. Especially K's big eyes, curly crazy hair and the MOLE on my right cheek. Yup, he even drew that in!! LOL

After enduring another very warm day...we ended with a refreshing cup of froyo from Golden Spoon - a family fav. Wow...what a BUSY few days it's been!!


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