Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Official Anniversary Date!


We got to see Sade take the stage and belt out some amazing tunes at her concert last night, down at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. I cannot even describe in writing, how breath-taking it was to see & hear!! I cried...cried...yes...I did. I've never been one to understand how people can cry when they see celebrities or music when they just FREAK over someone they don't even know. But let me tell you... I had a pretty intense emotional moment when she came on...especially when she finally sang 'the' song. The song we'd waited for all night. The song that I began to assume she'd never play because it was nearing the end & getting late.

The song that James & I had our memorable first wedding dance to...

THE song that was playing on heavy rotation during my labor with Kapri - more specifically...right as I was getting an epidural...James & I both heard the song... and he bent over to whisper some unforgettably loving, soothing words in my ear - in my moment of sheer & utter pain. He was by my side, through it all.

We took a few pics at our house & headed alllll the way down to Cricket - good hour drive with traffic... well worth it!

Before the concert started (opened by John Legend)...we got there pretty early so we could "tailgate" in the back of James' car with some wine, cheese, crackers, salami & spicy Thai chicken noodles - I was a happy camper to begin with.

We bought lawn tix, the cheapest obviously...but IMO wayyy better since you can take up whatever space you want/can (we brought 2 lawn chairs & 2 blankets), and you can stand up & dance much better than being confined to a tiny chair with no elbow room. The weather was hanging outside was more than just enjoyable. With Sade tunes dancing on the wind - taking up all possible space in my head... it was one of the most PERFECT date nights of my life. Who knows if she'll ever go on tour again...this is the FIRST in 10 years for her, that's nuts to me. So if she doesn't, we can say we got to see her in all her amazingness, at least once.

Thank you Sade - you made my night/month/year/LIFE! "By Your Side" is one of your best songs & has been 'our' song for many years now. Love you glad we got to experience this concert together, to celebrate US!


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