Monday, August 29, 2011

Nic's Pooh-Themed Baby Shower

Sunday we celebrated our good friend/co-worker, Nic, & her lil baby to be. No one knows whether it's a boy or a girl...and the suspense is killing me!! I have NO idea which it could be - ps, I hate calling it, an IT!! Anyway, it was a gorgeous day - a little too warm, especially since we were on the water in Point Loma...I think it was just a bit humid or something...but we survived!

We arrived a bit on the later side, but that was due in part to me living forever away from this location, and picking up 2 other ladies. We also had very precious cargo to safetly drive down - a FABulous Classic Pooh themed diaper cake! Isn't it adorbs??

She'd given me a ton of classic Pooh cotton fabric she'd found, and asked me to come up with whatever I could to use it up. So on the bottom tier, there are 4 blocks that spell out "POOH" - those I cut from a long piece of plywood (I had extra on hand from the ABC blocks I did earlier this year)...then I cut out little squares of her fabric & mod podge'd them on each side.

Finally, I painted the wooden letters a light yellow color & glued them on the front - I LOVE these little blocks!

After we got settled in & said our hellos, we snacked on some yummy croissant sandwhiches, chips, homemade potato salad & fruit salad, yummm! Then we gathered in to watch Nic open gifts - of course I couldn't wait til she got to mine ;-)  Of course in addition to the cake, I made her a few other things. I found some adorrrrrrable, super old school, double classic Pooh iron-ons:
So I put those on a few onesies, then reinforced them by sewing along the borders (should've taken pics of them...grrrr). I put 2 on the top & bottom tiers of the cake as well...on the front of the ribbon, so she can use those later if she wants.

Then I was also inspired by some first hand/foot print frames I saw online...but I thought to myself..."psshhh, I can make those!!" And so I did - wish I would've done this for Kapri's 'prints', but I swear I wasn't creative then...or maybe I was just lazy, HA!

How fun is this diaper cake?! The cake topper little guy, is a soft teether toy I found online - the bottom/feet are soft rubber, and the middle of him is crinkly & loud...then the tags for one hand - which all babies love!. Then I found a cute wipes case, which is sorta holding the pooh teether toy up a bit! Also in the back, are 2 burp cloths that I also made with the fabric Nic gave me to play with. Can't wait to meet baby Reding!! Love ya Nic!! xoxo


  1. Where did you find the classic pooh iron ons?! I have looked everywhere and can't anything with classic pooh and my friend is having a boy and her theme is classic pooh

    1. Hi Bethany! I found them on eBay actually...I'm sure they are a diamond in the rough! Good luck!


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