Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 1-month Birthday love bug!!

Wow, we really cannot believe a WHOLE month has gone by since Kapri was flew. I was thinking to myself yesterday "how the heck am I still functioning after a whole month of barely any sleep???" But somehow, you day at a time. Yesterday we took her to the pediatrician for her 1-month checkup and the Hep. B shot...poor thing, she screamed her little head off! Thank goodness we thought ahead and brought a bottle to soothe her afterward, haha!

She's a terrific eater though...we call her Chunk Chunk...she's already up to 11lbs 4oz (which is the 97th percentile for her age) holy cow!
  This month has been quite the adventure with a lot of 'firsts'. She has a lot more awake time during the day than before, lifts her head up so good so she can look around, she eats a ton (obviously with that weight!) and gives dad tons of cute little smiles which he loves!

Dad has also given her the first couple of bottles...she knows the difference between those & mama...but takes it nonetheless since there is yummy milk streaming out if it! Shortly after her little dried up umbilical cord fell off (which I couldn't find right away...finally found it on the floor after I thought it was a spider!!), she got her first bath and she seemed to love it. No tears luckily, just a lot of we know it makes her nice & sleepy! So now we're giving her baths every other day. I think it helps her sleep better and of course I love her clean smelling body & hair after too!

I also mustered up the courage and finally trimmed her paper-thin nails for the first couldn't wait any longer because she was slicing up her adorable face!! Also, the doc said it's more beneficial for babies to have their hands free (out of the little mittens) - I guess it's good for their developmental skills. Wow, speaking of them...I'm looking at them now & looks like they could use another trim...sheesh!

We also did her hand & foot prints in cute frames, it'll be so amazing to look back at those and compare them when she's a year old! And now we're finally getting out of the teeny tiny 'newborn' size onesies... looking forward to all those cute little outfits we have waiting for her to fit into. I also bravely took my first trip outside the house to Target...with just me & Kapri...I survived!! Luckily she just slept the entire time, haha!

Lastly, today will be our first outing for James & I without baby Kapri. I'm a little nervous, but I know she'll be in good hands with Grandma Mary! We'll only be gone 3 hrs or so, but I know we'll miss her a TON!! Plus, I don't think my milk supply will allow me to be gone any longer than that...otherwise I may end up with lovely wet, pancake-sized circles on my, that'd be embarrassing, especially since I'm wearing a white shirt (not by choice, it's required 'white' attire, lucky me!) and will be seeing a lot of people! Maybe I'll put a few extra nursing pads in my purse, just in case!!

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  1. i love this post all the baby's "first's"......sooo fun hanging out with you on saturday mama! thanks for coming out and celebrating it made it SO much more fun having you and James there to share it with. i can't wait to see kapri again....and don't worry your boobs didn't leak at all. muah!


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