Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diaper-free days

Can it really be true...has it really been a full 6, repeat...SIX whole days since Kapri has worn a diaper during awake time?? Yes, it is very true. And very delightful!

Words just cannot describe...but this song has been playing in my head for a few days now. I cannot STAND diapers any longer. Over night & during naps....fine - but being able to run errands, have her at preschool all day, or even take her to the local indoor playground place...all with NO diaper changes. Sure I have to ask her about 169874 times a day if she has to use the potty...but who cares!?? Way better than finding a clean place to change her diaper. ick. She's even doing pretty well holding it during naptime, and using the potty 1st thing after waking. Same with overnight...she's on the right path folks!! YIPPEEE...I'm so excited to save me a few bucks - or at least have the little extra 'diaper $' to spend elsewhere.

Though I did have an experience at a local beach this past weekend. While mid-play, covered in sand - she stopped. "Mamma...peepee in toyylettt" - too bad the bathrooms were like, 500 miles away (not really...but far enough, and it was just me & I could leave all our stuff there). So, we went into the ocean. I explained to her that while at the beach it's okay to go in the ocean...haha, so we did.

But then after our fun mamma/daughter beach day, she had to go again once we got to the car. "Perfect!" I thought...the bathrooms are right here! To my disgust, I forgot how nasty & unkept these particular bathrooms were...No TP, no seat covers...nada. Guess I'll be making a trip to the store for some travel seat covers...or even better - a travel SEAT in the near future. ew...just thinking about it made me shiver...blahkkk

Congrats Buggie!!!! Soooo super proud of you for making such great progress in just a few months!! Such a big girl you, next step it to have a paci send-off...which is only used for naps/overnight. But my original goal was to be rid of both that & diapers by November (when she's 2 and 1/2) I think we're on track!  ;-)


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