Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chandelier Transformation

Wow...our dining room chandelier was sad!! It was dirty, dusty and the 'gold' metal was corroding away. Ick. We rent our place, but I'm pretty sure this would be a welcomed upgrade. In preparation for hosting Thanksgiving, I decided that this little gal needed a few coats of paint to make her like new. So I headed over to Home Depot and found the perfect kind of spray paint..."Oil-Rubbed Bronze" (by Rust-Oleum) it was only $10 (for an 'all in one' type) and was exactly what I was looking for.

I read online that you should leaved the old light bulbs in, so that the spray paint wouldn't get inside the sprockets. Genius. So I enlisted the help of one of James' electrician friends to take it down from the ceiling (because we had NO idea how to!), then I cleaned it really well outside and sprayed away. So nasty - but because it was dark and on my cell cam, these pics just don't do justice:

As soon as I sprayed the first coat on, it was a HUGE improvement. The color was just perfect. Over the next few hours, I gave it 2 more coats and one more the next morning - the transformation was almost complete. The I sprayed the little white covers to make them like new and replaced out the old bulbs with new ones.

I held it while James screwed it back into the ceiling and was all giddy once it was hanging beautifully over our dining table, YAY! Aint she purty now?! I think so :-)


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