Sunday, November 20, 2011

Handmade Cards...not my forte, but I'll try!

I love to shop for cards - Hallmark has the best for selection obviously. 2nd runner up would be Target because they have the "Papyrus" brand which I love - but overall selection sucks. I could spend a good hour reading 578903 cards, just to find the perrrrfect one for a particular person/occasion. It really has to speak to me - the words have to sound exactly like something I would either say or think about someone.

In short - I don't just pick any old card....and I typically expect the same treatment from those I love, haha - I'm a BIG card person. Don't get me a gift, just spend some good, quality time picking out that perfect $3-5 card just for me. That's all it takes to put a smile on my face!

However {on occasion} my mind slips, an event sneaks up on me and I'm left scrambling for a gift and/or card - lucky for me, I'm equipped with a good stack of scrapbook paper, LOTS of fabric scraps, a sewing machine, ribbon, buttons & a glue gun - done & done.

Observe, my Pinterest-inspired card that I made for a friend's baby shower yesterday - I call it the "Fabric Baby Carriage Card" & I love it dearly. I'm thinking this may be my go-to for the future. I love the simplicity of it, and the stitching/buttons/fabric give it just the right touch, and obviously screams "home-made just for YOU!" At least that's how I see it, haha!

I don't really see the need for envelopes, or folded cards (if making them) - so this one just has a front & back side. I chose a grey/yellow theme, as that's what the mamma-to-be is using in the nursery. I found some stickers to spell out BABY in the front, then wrote a little note on the back. Simple & so personalized.

I also checked out this mamma's BRU registry & found this:

So I found some similar fabric & made one for her, complete with an adjustable strap and a little boning around the neck for a "peek-a-boo" top which makes it easy to see baby. This being my 2nd one made for a mamma friend, I decided to add some terry cloth into one of the inside corners. Perfect for any baby dribbles while nursing.


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