Thursday, November 17, 2011

K's School Thanksgiving Breakfast

I love Kapri's preschool more & more each week we take her - she still only goes 2 days a week, but when the time comes that she'll go more often, my crazy mamma-mind is calmed knowing that this place is doing so many wonderful things for her!

She's soaking up everyday like a sponge...constantly learning and growing...coming home with new songs to recite and loooonger sentences to say - it really mind-blowing to watch - time just goes too fast. I'm soooo thankful that we found this place when we did - it was like, the right place at the right time (& the right cost! ha). All the little things they do for the children and families is so heart-warming - it's like our home away from home.

This morning all the kids' parents were invited to the school's "Thanksgiving Breakfast" - prior to this, the teachers sent out their weekly email to all the parents, informing us that the children have been learning about the pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower and discussing all the things they are each thankful for. So cute right?! We were told breakfast would be at 8am, then the kids would sings us songs around 9am. Luckily my job is pretty flexible & I took the morning off to spend that precious time with her. However James' is not, so I took the below pics/vid to share with him after.

Such a fun morning watchin my lil bug! She was SO excited to have me there for a bit, and I'm so lucky I was able to join her.
She hearts me!

She didn't really get into the singing/dancing til about 3 minutes in...I think she had a tad bit of stage fright with all us parents huddled around watching their every move!! I thought it was funny that she didn't sing, because I realized she knew the songs pretty well, since she'd been singing them while doin her biz in the bathroom a few days prior, mainly the 'squirrel' song...LOL...hilarious.


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