Monday, December 12, 2011

Recaping - holiday events & my 1st baptism!

Busy bees we are this's funny because I feel like with all the things we have going poor hubba doesn't get to attend many because of his work schedule - lots of night shifts. Makes this mamma sad.

Sooo, when creating the collages for all these events, I realized it makes me look like a single mom... when in fact I'm definitely not - thank goodness! He does sooo much for our little fam, his hard work and great daddyness does NOT go unnoticed - so, if you read this...Love you Babe!! One day - we'll have more similar work schedules - but we gotta do what we gotta do for now. Boo.

Annnyway - because of our busy schedules, I haven't been able to blog about each thing as it's happend - so I'm lumping the last few together. Beware picture overload.

First up - our city's annual Holiday Parade with the Romero's. Oddly enough, I cannot even remember going to this in the past - at least not before my teen years. But it was cute...tons of different car 'floats', schools, businesses, organizations...all driving/walking down Hwy 101. Kapri was so excited to see it ALL. The firetrucks, the lights, the horses...everything.

Prior to the parade, they lit the Christmas tree and had a Santa sit in front of it for all the kids to sit on his lap & get a free pic... this was before the mall Santa pic. Didn't really get a great shot of her, plus she was way more hesitant than mall Santa. Ah well - he was kinda creepy, so I don't blame her! After that we got some warm, yummy hot chocolate at Starbucks to end the night right!

Next up is a holiday party K & I were invited to this year...It was fun hanging with new friends, lots of cute kids, a cookie decorating station, a nacho bar, presents for the kids...and general chaos associated with that.

It's nights like this night that I REALLY wish James were with me...that extra pair of hands sure comes in 'handy' - HA. But still fun nonetheless!

Last up is Baby Jack's baptism that I was invited to. This was a first for I definitely wanted to attend. It was such a cool experience and I'm so glad I was a part of it. Lil J slept through the whole thing - which made it even sweeter - he was so calm and cool! Under his keepsake 'gown' was the necktie onesie that I made him too!!

After was a little party held at the proud parent's house with amazing pulled pork sammies and cake that made Kapri giddy! By the end of the night, she had a new bestie - Jack's dadda....Ky. He played with her, gave her a big slice of cake, and read her "The Grinch" book - that's a perfect recipe for her! Lil J has some great parents!! Love you Nic & Ky!! xoxo


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