Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family photos & a vist with Santa

Another full day for the Mejia fam. I took the day off so we could fit everything in.

First up was her yearly follow up appointment with Dr. Pring down at Children's Hospital. We saw her during K's hip dysplasia treatments. After our dreadful 1 1/2 hr wait, we found that her hips/legs are doing really good...we just have to keep getting X-rays once a year to see how the length difference in each leg gets. Eventually when she's a teen, we'll probably have to stunt the growth in the longer leg so they match up better. No worries, yay!

While K & hubs took a little nap, I stayed busy finishing a few orders (pics to come)...then quickly spruced myself up for our family photo session at Picture People in the mall. This was the same place that we had K's 2yr old bday pics taken, of course the same day she got sick. I had bought another Living Social deal that was too good to pass up. $10 for a session/package - normally about $60!

We got an awesome photographer, better than last time - who was SO amazing with Kapri. She did everything in her power to get K to laugh & smile - and thank goodness the hard work paid off. Speaking of, I should really find out her name & give her a good review!

We had SO many great pics to choose from - wish we could've gotten more. But man those can get pricey!
K's smile is the result of just being tickled by the photog - love it!

So here's a card they made us as a "thank you", which I just cropped out their company name & put ours instead, HA. Technically - I could've just used this as our holiday card to send out. But I didn't.

Here's a montage of a few of K's best shots:

And finally here's the pic we choose for our holiday card this year, which I found for free HERE, the same place that I got our design for last year's postcard. I had a great friend/colleague/Photoshop extraordinaire help me with these, along with creating the back of our 'postcard' style greeting as well.
obviously not exactly what they look like, just merged the front/back together and hid my address! Love the little 'stickers' from Picnik.com!

Next up was Santa, who just happened to be set up right outside the Picture People store in the center of the mall - yay! Kapri was actually excited...amazing. She wasn't just a few days before at our local holiday parade...so this was a pleasant surprise! Her smile is pretty forced...but it came after the photog said "show me your pretty princess smile" - LOL...and this is what we got:

She got to tell him her name, how old she was and what she wanted for Christmas (a Buzz Lightyear doll) - then after the pic, he gave her a candycane that she was just beyond excited about. K was SOOOO much better - no whining, no fussing...suuuper duper patient. I couldn't believe it. Quite the difference from my bday dinners...sheesh! I was a proud & happy mamma that's for sure ;-)


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