Sunday, December 4, 2011

1 bday, 3 dinners!

My bday was on Nov. 30th...but I was lucky enough to get 3 dinners out of it!!

Bday Dinner #1 - Benihana with James & Kapri:
Food was okay...but I got a $30 gift certificate for my bday from it was worth it. K however, was a terror!! Fussing, melt-downing, terrible-twoing...all. over. the. place!  The other 5 random people at the table were probably super annoyed, especially since they were younger with clearly no kids. Thank god for the BLUE lollypop that was in my purse to preoccupy her...hence the blue tounge in this pic, HA. She barely ate, did NOT want to be strapped in the high chair and was just miserable to be around...honestly speaking. Oye...but we survived.


Bday Dinner #1 - Fidel's with Mom, sisters, aunt/cousin & Kapri:
Food was usual. And K was a little fussy...but tolerable. My fam loves this place, it's been a traditional bday dinner spot for years! When they brought out our desert we got a really good, belly-aching laugh. Kapri was trying her damnedest to blow out the candle...and we got some on video, but the few moment before the vid was shot were completely hysterical.

Then we got another vid of her blowing out the candle on my scrumptious banana cream pie they brought out back at my mamma's house after dinner:

Bday Dinner #1 - Fidel's with James/Kapri, Amanda/Steve and Grammy Mary/Mike:
Yum this place too. Can NOT go wrong with pasta, breadsticks and vino...mmmmm! K's attitude however, not good. Worse than the last 2 dinners. I was near tears because I just could NOT figure out what her deal was. It was a completely different joke. And around people that she see's very often. She was MEGA shy, couldn't look at anyone...wouldn't talk - all for about 30 minutes - til we all just ignored her, hahaha. So, it ended MUCH better than it started. Phew...
the bottom right pic is us jotting down the wine info... "7 Daughters" - a blend of 7 types of wine - YUM!


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