Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Bday Nic-n-Ky!

I love a couple fellow parents that know how to have a great bday night out!

Last night we all met up at a new-ish place in Encinitas called "Union - Kitchen & Tap". I'd heard great things about it, but had never been - so we were excited when they told us we were going there. It's literally down the street from that's a mega PLUS!

The place was packed (though that's expected for a Friday), the food was a bit different for my taste - but still really good (pesto chicken flatbread...mmmmm), and although it was mega busy, our waitress was awesome! We had this little private room in the back for us all to eat, drink & mingle.

This fab couple just had a baby (Baby Jack...who I made an adorable necktie onesie for) back in late October. It's great that only after 3 months, they feel super comfortable leaving baby Jack with a sitter to have a night out to themselves and catch up with all their friends. New parents NEED that! What's nice too, is that their bdays are only 2 weeks apart, so they can do one main bday party to celebrate to them both.

Thanks for a fun night out friends!!gotta have a Mejia/Reding fam dinner together soon! xoxo


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