Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY Snack Bags & a Wooden Circle Memory Game

For my friend's son's 2nd birthday this weekend...I decided to make something fun & unique: A Memory Game.

Truth be told...after his 1st bday gift (wooden alphabet block set)...I felt like I couldn't just 'buy' him any random thing. Making gifts just feels so much better. That's just IMO. And don't get me wrong, I've bought my fair share of gifts, and I love receiving store bought items...but sometimes, an occasion just calls for 'hand made'...with lotsa love of course!

So I started the 'memory game' by purchasing 12 wooden circles from Michael's ($.29/ea!), then found a boy-ish patterned piece of scrapbook paper I had in my stash...dug thru the internet for cute car/plane/train/etc. clip art...printed those & cut them out, then spray painted the circles white.

Finally - I enlisted the help of my dear friend, Mr. Mod Podge:
super easy - great gift to quickly create!
Once those were all done and they had a good coating of clear acrylic spray - I made a little tie pouch to store them in. What a great thing to keep in your diaper bag huh?! I found this cute coordinating-themed fabric, since little P is obsessed with trains & trucks at the moment:
An entertaining 'toy' that doesn't take up a ton of space!

Then with the same fabric I made him 2 velcro snack large & one small - LOVE how these turned out!
Of course I had to make K a new one too...this Apple/Pear fabric was on sale at Jo-Ann's...I just love it. Have extras which I'll probably make a nice new bib for her...maybe even a small bib for her dollies when she feeds them in their mini-high chair, haha!


  1. Awesome idea! I am a new follower from todays hop. I love your ideas....

    Follow back when you get a chance!

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