Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 2nd Bday lil P!

Today we celebrated P's 2nd "Train" themed b-day (1st here)... all the kids had so much fun playing together and just enjoying the day. It was for his birthday that I made the Wooden Memory Game and Velcro Snack Bags. I'll let the crazy amount of pictures below speak for themselves!
First, they colored on little wooden whistles

Then P's grammy brought out lots of bouncy balls - genius!

Then K took a breather to pose with mamma & dadda...sorta!

Then after food/cake...P & K had a little date on the bench together!

Pics in the cardboard Thomas the Train cutout!
Great day visiting with friends & letting our kids run around & get out some of that never-ending toddler energy!!  Happy Birthday Pierce...we love ya!!!
Mejia Fam - February 2012


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