Monday, September 10, 2012

Egg Carton Nature Walk

Saw this idea recently...and was proud of myself when I actually remembered to save the egg carton!!

I got out my paints, used a sponge brush to color in each egg space, let it dry...then a few days later showed it to Kapri who was SO anxious to get outside & start exploring! I explained to her we wanted small things that could fit inside each spot, so we could close the lid to keep it all safe. She got the hang of it pretty quick;

After about 40 minutes of picking & plucking all sorts of colorful nature goodies, we finally got each one filled with at least ONE thing, if not more! We stopped at my mom's house to say hi & to show off Kapri's special adventure treasures. When I asked her which was the hardest to find, she said "BLUE!"...smarty-pants - and it really was. For a majority of our walk, I was pretty doubtful that'd we'd even find a blue item to add to our carton.

Thank you to the house that had a bush of blue flowers, I think hydrangeas, growing in their front yard, haha! We only took one, I swear! 

Anyway - she was excited when our mission was complete - as you can clearly see in this pic below:

She did SUCH a fantastic job finding everything...with mamma's help of course - but I was super impressed.  It was a great way to add a little something different to our walk around the neighborhood. Also a great way to really take in & enjoy the simple pleasures & colors all around you...but are usually too busy to stop & actually notice.  ;-)

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  1. SUCH a cute idea!!! Where did you find this gem of an idea??

    1. haha thanks BAMMIE...I actually hyperlinked it in the very first sentence, 2nd word...under "THIS" - haha!


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