Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween is getting more & more fun the older Kapri gets. This year, she's obviously more into princesses more than ever and I love it. I love how girly she is...after my own heart (though I was a bit of a tomboy just before I hit my teens). 

About a week before we went to a family Halloween party which we all dressed up for. Kapri was the 'bride' Rapunzel... and I had an old Greek Goddess dress from 2008 when I was 2 months pregnant that I figure I could wear again. Then I stumbled upon a Greek God outfit which was perfect for James... I think we made a cute little group! 

With the Cinderella movie "re-released" & everywhere this year, it was only natural for her to want to be her this Halloween....her and I'm sure 43,000 other little girls ;-)

Though I didn't want her to ruin or dirty it at school on Wednesday, so she wore a little pumpkin shirt... then James picked her up & brought her to my work for our annual I-SCREAM Social & Trick-or-Treating around the office. I quickly changed her in my cube, put her hair in a sock bun and away we went getting yummy treats in her pumpkin!

After that was ice cream... where she was able to see her good friend Arden and a bunch of other kids. Then we came home, rested for an hour, had a snack...then headed out to GramMo's to say 'hi'...(grammy had to see Miss Kapri all prettied up)...then we spent about 2 hours Trick-or-Treating around our neighborhood with some friends.
Too much candy...I had to put it in a bag & hide it in the back of the pantry on the top shelf where K can't see... or me for that matter so I'm not tempted! 


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