Sunday, November 4, 2012

Juice Cleanse - Intro

After hearing the amazing benefits of 'juicing' from various friends, I was intrigued. I researched every inch of the internet for a few days, recruited my sister as a juicing buddy and we set the date.

I was so anxious/nervous for this cleanse, that I mistakenly bit off all my pretty nails. I knew this was going to be tough. I've only done the Master Cleanse 2 times before...but juicing is much different - though much healthier! I was just worried about the taste, getting different recipes to work for me...and the TIME needed to do this every day.

So on Halloween (Wednesday) we bought this awesome Hamilton Beach juicer on Amazon with 2-day shipping, got it on Friday, then shopped at Sprouts for our first batch of fruits/veggies today!

I feel like doing a 'cleanse' at least once a year is good...with all the food we eat and toxins we take in (purposefully or not), it just seems right to me. My sister posted this on her FB when she faced a bit of controversy on her 'juicing' status, haha:

Why??Here's a list of top 10 reasons to do a Juice Cleanse 
1. Gives your digestive system a chance to rest and rejuvenate by suspending it from work, a cleanse is much easier on the system than solid food and provides a full day’s worth of nutrients.
2. A few days of juice allows you to ‘reset’ your palate, and most people find that everything tastes better following a cleanse and it eliminates cravings for sugar and white flour carbohydrates
3. Cleanses enhance your immune system! Fresh juice is packed full of phytochemicals, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes that help rid the body of toxic waste and help propel physical and mental wellness.
4. A cleanse helps to eliminate toxins and unhealthy fats from your system
5. Drinking juice throughout the day keeps your metabolic rate steady, instead of the peaks and valleys that come with digesting heavy meals throughout the day
6. Many people feel more rested, have increased levels of energy and a stronger sex drive, brighter eyes and a glowing complexion
7. To rediscover the value of food and re-establish your gratitude for food
8. To regain control of what you choose to eat and break free of unhealthy food habits
9. Along with cleaning the various organs, juice fasting also helps in overcoming several illnesses such as stress, depression, cancer, and more.
10. Cleanses are an excellent way to eliminate kidney stones, appendicitis, a gallbladder attack, pneumonia, and more! When herbal teas and tinctures are used in combination with juicing, this is the fastest possible route to healing.

This is not about deprivation, it’s about nourishment!

So there it is...wish me luck!!

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