Monday, November 5, 2012

Juice Cleanse - Day 1

Day 1 (Monday – 11/5/2012)
  • Sleep: I was anxious all night, knowing I was starting this juicing thing the next morning. I even had crazy dreams 2 nights prior after watching “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on Friday night with my sis!
  • Feeling: so far so good…I’m not completely new to a ‘cleanse’, as I’ve done the Master Cleanse before, so I think I just know what to expect a bit more.
  • Exercise: 20-min Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred, Level 1 DVD
  • Energy level: awesome in the evening, lagged a bit in the morning at work, due to lack of my typical cups of yummy coffee *sigh*
  • Weight difference since start: 1lb
  • $ spent on juice ingredients since start: $45 (yesterday prep) and another $28 (today, additional items) = $73 so far (though I’m making juices here & there for hubs too)
My first juice was just terrible. I got chills & cringed every time I took a sip. I think it’s the kale…I left the stem on since I didn’t know any better…but it was brown and looks like “you know what” – which was not appealing in sight or in taste. So I won’t waste any time talking about what was in that. Blech.

When I got home from work, I did 20 min of circuit training… then ran errands – it’s nice to be out of the house, away from all our snack-y foods. Once home, I popped a pesto tomato flatbread from Trader’s in the toaster oven for Kapri’s dinner.

Why oh why did she have to pick THAT one for dinner tonight?? It’s my fav… and the smell of the warmed pesto and melty cheese…gah…but I didn’t cave – go me!

So I began juicing. And juicing… and JUICING – man this takes awhile!

I needed to fill my two 32-oz mason jars, along with some for the hubs (who is partially following the plan – either way, it’s nice to get extra fruits & veggies in regardless!). I also had a cup of almonds that had been soaking for 24-hrs that needed some serious TLC… I couldn’t WAIT to have some almond ‘milk’ in the evening.

After prepping for tomorrow’s juice, I finally got around to talking this ‘milk’ business. I realize now that I totally messed up (didn’t add all the water in WITH the almonds to the juicer…so had to put the almond pulp in a fine mesh strainer, pour in water and push with a spoon so the liquid would drip into a bowl…ugh!) However, it ended with a pretty decent drink! So next time around I’ll be sure to do it properly:

Almond Milk:
  • 4 cups fresh water (to soak with, then dispose of)
  • 1 cup soaked almonds (soak for 24 hrs)
  • 3 cups fresh water (to mix in with almonds into juicer)

I wanted a little something in my milk, so in a blender I pureed a ½ frozen banana with a dash of coconut milk, then poured in the almond milk, added a sprinkle of cinnamon and the inside of one vanilla bean – yum!!



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