Sunday, October 7, 2012

Princess Party #1

On Saturday I took Kapri to a super fun 'princess party' for her friend Audrey who turned 3 (coincidentally, we have another princess party, for another 3 yr old, Aubrie in a few weeks as well!). I had just bought FOUR new princess dresses since they were only $15 each! She was SO excited to pick out Snow White to wear to this party:

The girls were SO excited & SO mesmerized by the special guest, Ariel... with her big gorgeous teal dress, bright shiny red hair, sweet personality, and pretty amazing voice!

Birthday Girl Audrey & her friend, Princess Ariel

I decided to make A her very own embroidered pink princess wand, with a pretty lace tiara (tutorial HERE) - I was so happy with the outcome! The 'wand' I found at a local fabric store, that was plain cardboard, just the stick & circle attached to the top. So I covered the stick in pink ribbon, and mod podge'd the polka dot embroidered fabric onto the circle. Then I tied some thin, different colored ribbons to the top and curled them.

Now of course I have to make Kapri her own too, haha!


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