Monday, November 12, 2012

Juice Cleanse - Day 8

Day 8 (Monday – 11/12/2012)
  • Sleep: I was SO tired last night early on (because of the night before), but of course Kapri had to wake us up twice.
  • Feeling: better than the weekend…being at work is SO much easier while cleansing
  • Exercise: finally – my body was ready & definitely needed a good JM workout! 40-min JM No More Trouble Zones DVD and a walk to the park
  • Energy level: great, excited to be near the end!
  • Weight difference since Day 1: 7lbs
  • $ spent on juice ingredients since Day 1: $0 today – still $173 total

This morning I enjoyed some amazing OJ (made best with citrus juicer)…using those super juicy oranges I got at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. It was the same as Day 2’s juice, but somehow was wayyyy better using those amazing oranges & carrots. Though I only did ½ the mason jar (for both James & I) because I also wanted to start incorporating a little solids this week…as we have an early Thanksgiving dinner to attend in only 5 days, ahh! So I decided to give my tummy a little more time to adjust.

Along with my OJ, I casually nibbled on green grapes & pomegranate seeds throughout the morning (from Farmer’s Market too – mmm!). So happy to CHEW!!

Today felt like I was very focused at work, at home…it was good!

Then in the afternoon I had a full mason jar of my typical green juice, and for dinner I indulged a cucumber & avo salad and a brown rice cake - It was wonderful! Though I did feel a little bloated after and my stomach was mega busy digesting whole foods…so that felt odd. But I didn’t feel sick or anything.

Capped it off with a little Almond Milk before bed – totally satisfied today, yay!


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