Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Juice Cleanse - Day 9

Day 9 (Tuesday – 11/13/2012)
  • Sleep: ugh, I wish Kapri would stop waking up at night lately…my sleep is good besides that… & luckily don’t wake up hungry at all
  • Feeling: really good…ready to eat solids!
  • Exercise: 20-min JM 30-day Shred DVD
  • Energy level: very high today
  • Weight difference since Day 1: 7lbs
  • $ spent on juice ingredients since Day 1: $0 today – still $173 total

Took a leap and had some *gasp* caffeinated green tea this morning…mmm…cannot WAIT to have coffee! For breakfast I had some more pomegranate seeds and ½ an orange.

And for lunch had a ½ mason jar of green juice and a carrot…for snack a rice cake… so far I’m feeling pretty good! I was also super focused today & felt like I got a lot accomplished – go me!

pretty green spinach


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