Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Juice Cleanse - Day 10

Day 10 (Wednesday – 11/14/2012)
  • Sleep: great, knowing that I’m all through with this!
  • Feeling: ready to eat solids
  • Exercise: 20 min. JM vid
  • Energy level: a bit low…think I may be getting a cold
  • Weight difference since Day 1: 8lbs
  • $ spent on juice ingredients since Day 1: $20 today – so $193 total

Ugh – I’m getting a cold…I feel it. Started getting a scratchy throat at work…and now, getting ready for bed - I’m just dead tired. Hoping this won’t be too bad, but it’s kinda unavoidable when your daughter is sick literally every 2 weeks for the last month & ½ - jeez!

Good night…


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