Saturday, November 17, 2012

Juice Cleanse - Recap

Well – that cold was no joke… Thursday morning I woke up feeling AWFUL – called out sick from work, and luckily James didn’t work til that evening, so he was able to be with Kapri while I slept. I actually SLEPT through the morning until 2ish…I couldn’t believe it. That night alone with K was rough…I even cried in misery to her – she felt bad for mamma!

Yesterday was terrible too…just felt like a bus hit me – called out again, repeat of Thursday… but Friday night was a smidgen better.

This morning I woke up feeling better, but not 100%…we have an early Thanksgiving dinner at James’ mom’s tonight, so hope I’m okay by then.

I’ve been eating small portions of fruits & veggies to get my tummy prepped for the amount of food I’ll likely consume tonight. Feeling good about it though.

All in all – the cleanse was hard, obviously. I couldn’t believe how much TIME it took… on nights when I made 2 jars full for us each, plus a jar of almond milk…I was in the kitchen for 2 hours – that’s just insane. Thankfully I have a kid that can self-entertain for that amount of time….though I feel terribly guilty after.

On the flip side, I felt pretty amazing towards the end (with the exception of the gnarly cold) – juicing has definitely been an experience. James & I both want to continue with the Green Juice at least a couple days of the week to replace breakfast/lunch… we really felt great knowing our bodies were nourished with super-foods, and not stuffed from eating not so great, or too much.

Like I said before, I’ll probably give this another shot in a few months when it’s a less busy time of year. And I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve your overall health in a safe & effective way!


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