Monday, December 3, 2012

My *Golden* 30th Birthday! {VEGAS baby}

For my 30th birthday, I had planned wayyyy in advance (like 9-10 mo. ago, no joke) and told everyone to save the date for this trip... It felt like forever, maybe because it was... so when the time came to pack up and fly out, I was literally jumping outta my skin with excitement!

This was by far, THE MOST FABULOUS Vegas trip to date...lucky me!! After realizing we'd have to reserve multiple hotel rooms, with not a large common area to all hang and people having to share rooms - that was just not what I wanted. So we decided to rent an AWESOMELY huge house, about 10 minutes from the strip - definitely goin that route the next time too!

You get WAY more space, everyone gets their own room, you can stock up the kitchen with food/drinks, and everyone can do their own thing during the daytime (like me, the earliest-bird of us all, could get up & enjoy a cup of coffee & a bagel out by the pool while everyone else slept - magical!)

AND, the cherry on that cake was that it was CHEAPER than a hotel stay! We only had about 1/2 the amount of people that this house can actually sleep, and we still only paid $68/night (if we had a full house, it would've dropped down to only $43/night)!! And cab rides were about $20-25 depending on specific drop-off location... but split by 4 or 5 people - it's nothin!

There were obviously TOO many pictures taken to preserve the memory of this wonderful weekend away... but here are a few collages to help tell the story:

The Vegas Villa
Vegas Villa

**check out THIS link for a full 360-view of the main living area**

Vegas 1st night

Night 1 - Hyde at the Bellagio {INsane table/view of the water/light show - perfect for my first time seeing it!!}
Hyde at the Bellagio

Afternoon of my bday - walking around the Strip:
30th Bday in Vegas

Night 2 - XS at the Encore {my actual bday night - note the GOLD dress, perfect for the occasion...we danced for HOURS straight & got a shot poured from DJ Michael Woods!}
Club XS at the Encore

Night 3 - VooDoo Rooftop Lounge at the Rio {scored a table for only $300...this place had the best music variety that kept everyone on their feet all night long...beware of the huge "Witch Doctor" drink!}
VooDoo Lounge at the Rio

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made it out...and to my amazing hubby James for helping set up everything to make this a very special & memorable weekend!! xoxoxo

**For info on renting properties for a vacation or short weekend, check out:**


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