Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decor & Buddy the Elf Returns!

{I'm only 23 days late in posting this...but oh well, it's my blog...and this month has proven itself to be the craziest, busiest...most stressful month of all 2012 - so that's my super valid excuse (for myself!) - but I'm post-dating to keep things in order...because I'm sorta OCD like that.}


We're back from our responsibility-free weekend in Vegas *sigh*...now time to get geared up for the Holiday season...which also means our dear friend Buddy the Elf (on the Shelf) makes his return to our home for the month...Kapri just couldn't wait to see him!

We got our fake tree up (SO much easier than real - to each they're own...we used to, but this just makes sense for our fam at the moment). We dusted off the decor boxes and hung them all with care. Kapri was such a big help this year now that she's older...it's so much fun to have her as my little helper! PS - check out that pose she made when she saw I was about to take a picture...who is this kid?!! LOL



Side note - this little burlap winged angel I made on a whim after seeing THIS on Pinterest. My MIL saw it and loved it... so I gifted it to her for Christmas - I can always make another!


I got my awesome Christmas Card Holder hung up, that I made 2 years ago...love it so much... and it filled quickly:
(pic taken AFTER Christmas...packed!!)

And here's our friend Buddy, who came last night...bringing a sweet letter to Kapri and a fun new door wreath for us (made by moi...ssshhhh):


It'll be fun to see all of Buddy's "elf-capades" every morning... yay for the holidays!


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