Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Surprise Wine Night

I have to admit... I love surprises, like... love them. And I realize I may be one of the rare few that do... but I think it's because I know the amount of time & effort that go into turning a surprise from a thought to an actuality. It's hard work!

So imagine my delight, when only 2 days after our Vegas trip, a dear friend of mine asked me to meet her at Wine Steals for a belated-bday drink during Happy Hour after work. She knew that James would be home that night to watch Kapri and even got his 'okay' beforehand.

Though I did have some kind of sneaky suspicion that it wouldn't just be her. I'm not sure why... I just felt it.

When I walked in...I was loudly greeted by 6.5 (one being an adorable baby girl) smiling faces all yelling "SURPRISE!!" What a joy!


Nic, Amanda, Chels, Christi, Lynn (baby Raya) & Kari were all there...cozy in big couches and glasses of wine ready. They'd also gotten balloons and my fav red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes... mmmm, cake & wine... heaven!


We chatted about my fun trip, babies, and just got caught up with each other... it's tough once you become a parent...then your friends do as well... with everyone's different schedules, work, family, other groups of friends - man it's hard to make the time to fit every single person you care about in to your crazy calendar. So in times like these, I just cherish... small memories that make an impact. 

Love you girls!!




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